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I will be teaching a "Linux on the Desktop" class on Thursday evening until about 10:00 pm
so I can't be at the ALE meeting.  The students seem to get a lot out of even ad hoc talks about the joys of doing (or working in) IT.  

I expect it would be fun and educational for either of my Linux classes, but there are more students in the Thursday evening class than the Tuesday evening class.

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I have a "free software" (as in speech, and as in beer) presentation 
that I will be reviewing at an
ALE (Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts) planning meeting.  Can you make the 
regular ALE Central meeting this Thursday night at the Emory Law 
School?  Perhaps we "all" could have a side conversation about it, to

see if it will meet your needs.

Stephen R. Blevins
srblevi at worldnet.att.net

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