Volunteer Opportunity in Savannah

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In a similar light, my church has a program called Computers at First. Right now they're just doing classes, but I spoke with the director of the ministry to start something similar to take old systems, refurbish them, and send them out to the needy in the community with UbuntuCE on them (It is a christian church after all.). Nothing's come of it yet, but it would be nice to see how other groups around the state are doing this as well.

 Justin Miller

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I thought I'd mention an exciting development in Savannah I
just learned about. My apologies if this has already been mentioned here
and I missed it.

The city received a grant to expand their wifi offering. As part of the
expansion, they decided to offer it for free in a low-income area. Since
many of the residents don't have computers, they partnered with a local
nonprofit to start a computer refurbishing program. The program teaches
young people how to repair computers and install Ubuntu. They're looking
for hardware donations and volunteers.


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