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Sat Mar 14 14:51:49 GMT 2009

On 2009, Mar, 14, , at 8:00 AM, Eric Weir <eeweir at>
> On Mar 13, 2009, at 12:50 AM, Nick Ali wrote:

>> Aaron, we'll need a location for the install fest again. The Emory
>> room would be great.

Happy to help with that as soon as we can lock in the date.
Also happy to help where I can if other venues in the area
are preferred...

> Hmm. A thought. It's not Emory University. It probably would not be
> able to provide wireless access -- though perhaps arrangements could
> be made to do so. But the Clarkston Community Center is an attractive
> facility. There are a couple of techies who've set up a computer lab
> and teach classes there -- as volunteers. It's readily accessible from
> 285. Georgia Perimeter College, which is nearby, might be roped into
> helping out/participating in some way. It would be an opportunity to
> connect with a population that would be well-served by learning more
> about the open-source movement, products, and community -- the low-
> income population. [Though Clarkston is not only low-income.] Just a
> thought.

I would argue that the Emory Law School venue is hard to beat,
especially since we are fairly certain it is there for the asking
and it is a familiar location for a lot of the folks who support
or participate in these events.

Still, if you want to consider the Clarkston Community venue, I
have developed a rapport with Frederick Earl, the guy who techs
the place as a volunteer and who we met at the U-8.10 Install Fest.
James Kinney and I helped him get an LTSP server / client setup
going, though I'm not sure how well he's been able to maintain it
over the past few months on his own.  While the Community Center
IS fairly close to the 285 exit, it is "across the tracks" on side
streets and a little hard to find. The main lab space is about 30'
by 15' and has about 10 computer stations, mostly old dells -- we
would probably need to bring in a couple more tables.  They also
have other spaces we might use, though probably not wired with
inet -- I believe they have one Cable Modem line for access in
the building.

Would need to fish to find any contacts into Georgia Perimeter
College, but that would be a good venue as well if someone
can get us in there.

We can discuss all this more next week.  End of April is still
several weeks away.


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