IPv6 Topic at ALE CENTRAL MTG for Thursday, March 19, 2009

Aaron Ruscetta arxaaron at gmail.com
Thu Mar 12 17:32:08 GMT 2009

Y'all can yell at me at the March 21st F2F if you
feel this is spamming, but I thought area
Ubuntu folks would appreciate knowing about
ALE meetings in general and this month's
meeting in particular:

Our feature presentation for the
ALE Central Meeting on Thursday,
March 19, 2009, 7:30pm,  at
Emory Law School Gambrell Hall
Room 1C will be:

"The Brave New World of IPv6″

presented by Michael Warfield

- This presentation is an introduction to the Internet Protocol
version 6, IPv6, a topic of interest to everyone involved in
growing or supporting Internet delivery technologies, as well
as to anyone involved in designing, authoring or accessing
Internet content.
- IPv6 is the newer, widely available, version of the Internet
Protocol that carries a number of significant performance and
security advantages over earlier versions. IPv4 administrators
may be unaware that IPv6 is available nearly anywhere IPv4 is
available and that IPv6 traffic can pass through their networks
and firewalls without their awareness. Because they have
ignored IPv6 as something to worry about in the future, they
frequently lack the expertise to manage it and they assume it
is not present on their networks. But IPv6 and IPv6 transitional
mechanisms offer new security issues and open new avenues
of attack even on IPv4 based networks.

- Michael Warfield is a Senior Researcher and Analyst for the X-Force
Managed Security Services of IBM Internet Security Systems.
- With computer security experience dating back to the early 1970s and
Unix experience dating back to the early 1980s, Mike is responsible for
doing research into security vulnerabilities and intrusion protection
techniques for IBM-ISS X-Force.
- Prior to joining ISS, now IBM-ISS, Mike has held positions such as, a
Unix systems engineer, Unix consultant, security consultant and network
administrator on the Internet. He is one of the resident Unix gurus at
the Atlanta UNIX Users Group and is one of the founding members of the
Atlanta Linux Enthusiasts. He is also an active member of the Samba
development team and is a contributor to the Linux Kernel and numerous
Open Source Software projects. Mike has published articles on both
Samba and on Security and is a respected cryptographer in the Open
Source community.

The ALE meeting time frame is 7:30pm to ~9:30pm
Directions to Emory Law School can be found at:
< http://mail.ale.org/?page_id=2 >

As always, these details are also available
at the < http://ALE.org > web site.

Aaron Ruscetta
ALE Event Coordinator (etc.)
arxaaron at gmail.com

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