Atlanta, GA -- Asterisk Conference and "InstallFest"

H P Ladds householdwords at
Mon Mar 9 22:47:54 GMT 2009

I quick reminder to Open Source enthusiasts.

Asterisk Conference and InstallFest (

The Conference and InstallFest will take place in two of Georgia
Tech's lecture halls. In one lecture hall volunteers from the Atlanta
Asterisk Users Group will help attendees install and configure
Asterisk on user-provided computers.

The other lecture hall will host demonstrations and presentations from
Asterisk developers, vendors and service providers including: Ward
Mundy and Tom King developers of NerdVittles, Konrad Hammel of Sangoma
Technologies Inc, and Mike Storella of snom technology Inc. In
addition Aretta Communications, Inc., Pika Technologies,Inc., Redphone
Communications. Inc. and Aastra Technologies Ltd. have agreed to make

Please visit Atlanta Asterisk Users Group's ever-updating website for
the latest news and registration details

Atlanta Asterisk User Group is please to present this (our third
annual) Conference and InstallFest free of charge, and we invite
people of all experience levels joins us for an informative and
entertaining day.

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