Atlanta Linux Fest 09 Planning

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Wed Jan 21 16:44:18 GMT 2009

On Wednesday 21 January 2009 9:33:42 am David Tomaschik wrote:
> Following the last ALF, was there any sort of feedback from attendees on
> what they liked/didn't like about it?  One thing that might be interesting
> would be to set up an installfest-type area, perhaps with a PXE boot server
> containing live and installation media.  This might help first-timers and
> people with slow connections perform installs.

Yes, as a matter of fact we did get some feedback, but it was minimal at best.  
The focus of the event is not necessarily an installfest, but we did have the 
room off to the side for preforming installs.  A PXE server is a great idea, 
and would really help in the event we did not have CDs from some of the 
smaller distros (or ran out of the ones we get from the larger distros)

> We might want to approach ALE and/or one of the other local groups and try
> to get some feedback from the people who were there, and to get some input
> of what people would like to see.  I know from my work with Students for
> Open Source that some sort of interactive or hands-on presentation would
> probably go over very well, as opposed to the straight talks we mostly had
> last time.

I agree that hands-on/interactive stuff always makes it a little more 
entertaining.   For example, we had presentations on IBM Lotus Symphony, 
Security, and virtualization.  All showed the features of the available 
software, and a live demo on how to use the software.  The plan for the event 
is to have several presentations on some bleeding-edge or really interesting 
topics that won't just blow over the heads of most who are attending.  
Interactive (or at least ones where you can follow along) is really what we 
are shooting for.

> If you all need any help with getting any parts of the website up and
> running, let me know -- I'd love to help out in any way.
> David

Thanks, David!  :)

Jon Reagan
President, Ubuntu GA LoCo

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