Atlanta Linux Fest 09 Planning

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Wed Jan 21 14:33:42 GMT 2009

Following the last ALF, was there any sort of feedback from attendees on
what they liked/didn't like about it?  One thing that might be interesting
would be to set up an installfest-type area, perhaps with a PXE boot server
containing live and installation media.  This might help first-timers and
people with slow connections perform installs.

We might want to approach ALE and/or one of the other local groups and try
to get some feedback from the people who were there, and to get some input
of what people would like to see.  I know from my work with Students for
Open Source that some sort of interactive or hands-on presentation would
probably go over very well, as opposed to the straight talks we mostly had
last time.

If you all need any help with getting any parts of the website up and
running, let me know -- I'd love to help out in any way.


On Wed, Jan 21, 2009 at 9:14 AM, Jon Reagan <jreagan1990 at> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> Last night we had planned to hold an IRC meeting.  Since the IRC meetings
> are
> a bit difficult to get to (technologically and timewise), we have decided
> to
> move the bulk of the planning for the Atlanta Linux Fest and future events
> to
> this mailing list.  I hope that through this process the planning will be
> more open, and that more people will be able to join in on the discussion.
> Let's kick it off!
> We have set up a Google Doc (now published, see the link below) that has a
> list of thoughts and to-do items up until the event.  It is a working
> document, meaning changes are bound to be made during the planning stages.
> For January, there are a couple of to-do items.  Mostly planning, but they
> are
> important framework items.
> 1.  Reserve room at IBM
> 2.  Figure out online registration
> 3.  Define loose schedule
> 4.  Determine the theme/target audience
> 5.  Contact Leslie Hawthorn at Google and ask for a speaker and swag
> 6.  Contact Fedora, openSUSE, and (maybe) Mandriva
>     -  Ask when we need to request people and swag
> Any input on any of these topics would be greatly appreciated.  Everyone is
> welcome to join in, and let's make ALF 2009 rock!
> Thanks!
> Jon Reagan
> President, Ubuntu GA LoCo
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