8.10 upgrade

Paul Cartwright ubuntu at pcartwright.com
Thu Oct 16 00:48:58 BST 2008

Brian Pitts wrote:
> Paul Cartwright wrote:
>> ok, I think I screwed up my install..
>> I had a nice setup of 8.04 KDE4 , and decided to take the plunge and
>> upgrade to 8.10. Once complete, restarted X and... when I logged into
>> the kde4 desktop, I got 2 blank windows and no icons & no tray.
>> CTRL-ALT-backspace, logged into gnome, no problem. A few changes, tried
>> to add a few packages, and now it gives me the choice of kde sessions &
>> gnome, but not kde4. What is the magic command to reinstall or get kde4
>> desktop working?? I mean, I LIKE gnome :) but I wanna show off KDE4's
>> new desktop <G>
> I didn't think 8.10 included any KDE besides 4. What happens if you
> select tke kde session? You did reboot after upgrading, right?
> -Brian
reboot?? oh oh..
it still shows 2.6.24-1 for the kernel.. and yes, even though the
session says kde, the splash screen ( after a reboot:) does show 4.1 .
It does keep booting with 2 open windows that are blank. Not sure what
they are supposed to be, the the right-click says ( remove unknown window?)

Now I get a Partial Upgrade option for software upgrades. The next
screen says " an upgrade from Intrepid to Hardy is not supported with
this tool".

next question is, what should my sources.list show for a distribution??
testing? Intrepid?

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