How do I get ownership of my mailboxes.

Paul Boren pmboren at
Thu May 1 23:14:51 BST 2008

Okay, for starters take a look at the following section on "Enabling
Auto-mount" in XFCE:

Also here's some information on using xffstab in Thunar:

I think I follow what you have in mind for your back-up folder, Eric.
Basically it would be like another user folder in the /home directory
on that second hard drive.  That partition would automount when you
log-in and you would just have to archive all your files and copy them
over to the back up folder periodically.  That sounds manageable.

Finally this is a good list of other resources from the Xubuntu Desktop Guide:

-- Paul Boren

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 3:15 PM, Eric Weir <eeweir at> wrote:
> On 5/1/2008 Paul Boren wrote:
>>  Here's my advice:
>>  * Hold the Alt key down and hit F2.
>>  * Type "kdesu dolphin" and hit Enter and this should give you admin
>>  privileges.
>>  * Find and right-click on your mail folder for Thunderbird.
>>  * Click on Permissions [Tab] and select the checkbox at the bottom to
>>  "Apply changes to all subfolders and their contents."
>>  * Change the ownership for User and Group to your username, eric.
> Thanks, Paul. I'm no longer Kubuntu. I'm now Xubuntu. That said, I've
> done what you suggested in Thunar. I've made certain that all my
> Thunderbird files and folders permit me to read and write. After I copy
> them to the Evolution folder all but this one still have read and write
> permission for me. With this one, however, it is /root after copying.
> I've double-checked this folders permission before copying and after
> copying several times, and every time they're OK before copying and not
> OK after copying.
>>  See my previous post on how to automount a partition on another hard
>>  drive.
> My question is not about how to mount the drive, but how to mount it so
> that it's not owned by root, so that I can copy to and from it without
> having to do sudo.
> Again, could I create a /backup folder in /home and mount it to it?
> Thanks,
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