How do I get ownership of my mailboxes.

Paul Boren pmboren at
Thu May 1 19:42:53 BST 2008


First, I am assuming that you use Kubuntu with the Dolphin file
manager.  This program is fairly new and may have some bugs.  I don't
know why there would be a root-owned folder in your home directory

Here's my advice:
* Hold the Alt key down and hit F2.
* Type "kdesu dolphin" and hit Enter and this should give you admin privileges.
* Find and right-click on your mail folder for Thunderbird.
* Click on Permissions [Tab] and select the checkbox at the bottom to
"Apply changes to all subfolders and their contents."
* Change the ownership for User and Group to your username, eric.

See my previous post on how to automount a partition on another hard
drive.  Your back-up plan for your home directory sounds like a good
one because it will be on a separate device.  What you don't want is
to lose all your data due to any single failure.  Of course, any
back-up of personal data is better than none.

I hope this helps.

-- Paul Boren

On Thu, May 1, 2008 at 10:13 AM, Eric Weir <eeweir at> wrote:
> On 4/30/2008 Eric Weir wrote:
>>  I recopied the Thunderbird mailboxes and folders from the Thunderbird
>>  profile, instead of from the backup on the other drive. Now all the
>>  mailboxes and folders open  but one. When I check it, it is still owned
>>  by /root. The original from which I copied, however, is owned by me.
>>  I've double-checked this: before copying, the folder is owned by /eric;
>>  after copying it is owned by /root.
> Still looking for help with this: why does ownership of the file switch
> from ownership by /eric to ownership by /root when I copy it? The
> copying takes place within /home. Why does ownership change to /root?
> How can I keep it from happening? Or, once it's happened, get it changed
> back?
> Also, with what seems a related issue to me, how do I mount a second
> drive so that I retain ownership, so that it isn't handed over to /root?
> The current mounting is /media/sdb1. [Yes, that's actually a partition
> on sdb, and it's the partition that I'm concerned about.]
> I want to use this partition to backup data files in my /home folder.
> [Perhaps I ought to just backup the entire /home folder.] Could I create
> a folder in home called /backup and mount the partition to it? Or is
> there a more orthodox way to do it?
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
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