Move /home to another HD?

Eric Weir eeweir at
Fri Mar 14 19:45:00 GMT 2008

On 3/14/08 Michael B. Trausch wrote:
> Certainly.  You can put the new drive in, format it, and transfer
> the /home directory to it in single-user mode.  That would be the
> easiest way to do it.  Unless you have a very special situation, using:
>   tar cf - -C /home . | tar xf - -C /new-home
> (Assuming that the new home directory is mounted on /new-home, that is)
> Should move the entire directory structure to a new drive.  Then you can
> remove the contents of the old home directory and mount the new one
> on /home, and you're in business.
Thanks, Mike. Doesn't sound too difficult. I'm relatively new to Ubuntu 
-- well, it's going on nine months now -- and I'm not much of a techie, 
just a user who's not afraid to try things, so a couple of questions:

[1]What does "transfer the directory in *single user mode*" mean?

[2] You refer to "/home" versus "/new-home." Does the directory on the 
new drive have to have a different name from the current home directory? 
If the answer is yes at least during the process of moving from one HD 
to the other, can "/new-home" be renamed after the move is finished?

Thanks again,
Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA
eeweir at

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