What kind of graphics card?

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Mon Jun 2 04:00:02 BST 2008

Eric Weir wrote:
> On 6/1/2008 Brian Pitts wrote:
> Thanks, Brian. Not on a forum. A couple of guys spent a couple hours 
> trying to diagnose the problem for me at the last installfest. The only 
> thing they checked that I understood was use of the processor. There is 
> one application I use regularly -- DOSbox -- that takes 25-30 % of the 
> processor's capacity.
> I don't know what else they checked, but they didn't identify any 
> problems. They suggested this -- an update of the graphics processing -- 
> and additional memory. I tried the latter temporarily, but since it 
> didn't make any difference I didn't want to make the investment.

How much memory do you have now and how much did you temporarily try? 
You said you are using your motherboards integrated graphics now, right? 
Do you know what driver it uses and how much of your system's RAM it 

> I take there's a distinction between video and AGP. What is it?

A video card will connect to an AGP (old) or PCI-E (new) slot.

> I'm curious about theATI recommendation. Others have said to avoid it.

My preferences are Intel > ATI (now owned by AMD) > Nvidia.

Compare ATI/AMD's open source strategy [0] to nvidia's [1].

[0] http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=article&item=826
[1] http://www.opentheblob.com/nvidia/


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