What kind of graphics card?

Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Sun Jun 1 23:19:02 BST 2008

Eric Weir wrote:
> Yesterday in a British Linux magazine I read about an inexpensive 
> low-end-for-gamers/high-end-for-other-users card, andNVIDIA GeForce 7300 
> GS -- that's available from a variety of manufacturers in the $30-$40 
> range. I'll need to make sure that it's compatible with my mother board, 
> and to do that I'll check in with the shop that made my machine.

I should add that if you do want to get Nvidia, look at the GeForce 7300 
GT, not the GS. Minuscule price difference, but big memory bandwidth 
difference. You might also be able to find an 8500 GT in your price range.


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