What kind of graphics card?

Eric Weir eeweir at bellsouth.net
Sun Jun 1 22:15:13 BST 2008

This is a version of a post to the Ubuntu forums. I thought I'd check 
here, too. As some of you know, from earlier posts here and at the last 
installfest, I've got an excruciatingly slow system. It seems to be 
getting worse. I used to notice it primarily with Mozilla applications, 
but today it was affecting even system applications, e.g., my file manager.

E.g.s of what's happening: trying to respond to a request on the Ubuntu 
forum earlier this afternoon, it was taking a second or two for each 
character I typed to show up. I couldn't tell what I was doing. Another: 
say I've got Thunderbird running, I switch to an empty desktop, then 
switch back: it literally takes 20 seconds for the screen to fill out 
Thunderbird. It's unusable.

I'm going to try one last thing : a new graphics card. Currently I'm 
using the one on the motherboard. It's my understanding that some 
manufacturers are more hospitable to Linux than others. I don't want any 
more frustrations. I want something that will work. Also something 
that's cheap.

Yesterday in a British Linux magazine I read about an inexpensive 
low-end-for-gamers/high-end-for-other-users card, andNVIDIA GeForce 7300 
GS -- that's available from a variety of manufacturers in the $30-$40 
range. I'll need to make sure that it's compatible with my mother board, 
and to do that I'll check in with the shop that made my machine.

So I know what to look for before I go over there tomorrow, what should 
I look for, what should I avoid?

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA
eeweir at bellsouth.net

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