Installing ubuntu on a Mac SE

Brian Pitts brian at
Tue Jul 1 00:09:54 BST 2008

David McMillan wrote:
> I am very new to Linux, but have Ubuntu installed on my Dell 2400 and am
> pleased with it so far.  I would like to try to resurrect my old Mac SE,
> for limited use, so that I install a calendar, and possibly some games
> for my granddaughter.  It will have to be loaded through a "floppy",
> also.  Would like some assistance with what version/kernel/whatever, I
> need to do. 

So you have one of these [0] from the late 1980s? It has a Motorola
68000 processor, 1MB of RAM, and perhaps as 20MB hard drive. Installing
linux on this is not a simple process. You will probably have to replace
the CPU with a 68020 or newer (but not a 68LC040), max the RAM out at
4MB, and add a 100mb hard drive before it is even possible. Even once
you do that, it will not be useful for much.

Ubuntu does not support the M68K architecture. Debian [1] and Gentoo are
the only linuxes that do as far as I know. If you search google for "mac
se" linux you'll find some installation howtos.



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