Linux-friendly Computer Refurbishing in Atlanta

Brian Pitts brian at
Tue Jan 22 05:31:16 GMT 2008

I thought the list would like to know about an opportunity to work with 
an Atlanta group similar to Free Geek and Free IT Athens. Contact Daniel 
Howard (you may know him from the Georgia Open Source Education 
Foundation) at dhhoward at if you would like to be involved.


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> This reminds me JK, I'm starting a Care of Earth group at my local UU congregation (UUCA) which seeks to take donated PCs, put Linux and/or K12LTSP on them and donate them to needy groups (local schools, community centers, etc.)  I've already gotten a few volunteers, the big thing will be getting space there to store the PCs between refurb sessions, but the management seems to like the idea so will keep the group posted.
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