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Eric Weir eeweir at
Sat Jan 12 22:10:59 GMT 2008

Kevin Fishburne wrote:
> The difference in display crispness could be a difference in screen 
> resolution. Is the monitor you're using a CRT or LCD? If it's an LCD 
> then you'll need to set Ubuntu's screen resolution to match the LCD's 
> native screen resolution or it'll appear blurry. LCD's have a fixed 
> number of pixels and using a lower resolution will do that.
Thanks, Kevin.

First, just to be clear, my Windows and Ubuntu machines use the same 
monitor -- a Dell D825HT CRT -- which I understand is actually Sony 
Triniton. I'm pretty certain we're using the right drivers with it.
> I've never seen that kind of slowness in Ubuntu except when running 
> 7.10 on a machine with 128 megs of RAM. It was paging itself to death 
> practically. How much RAM does the desktop have? Do you notice that 
> the HDD or CPU is maxed out?
512 MB of RAM. I checked the processes that are running. I have about 
420 MB used, about 65 MB free. A lot of this is Greek to me, but it 
looks like there are things running that I don't use -- e.g., three 
processes related to Evolution, using about 180 MB! -- and things that 
are running in several iterations -- e.g., something called "getty," of 
which there are six iterations.

I have a very small HDD -- 10 GB. All but 1.5 GB is reported as in use. 
[The 10 GB HDD was intended as temporary. I have two 40 GB drives on the 
Windows machine, and was p -- and to install a new graphics card at the 
same time.
> I know what you mean regarding spending an inordinate amount of time 
> just trying to get Linux working. The more you know the less time you 
> have to spend, but there's always that chance when doing a new 
> installation. I'd either bring it to an install fest or wait until the 
> weekend or a time when you'll have some time to work out any bugs.
I was under the impression that Installfests are held just once after 
each new release. Is there another one schedule for Gutsy? If so, I 
might just keep XP installed and wait for the Installfest to put Gutsy 
on the machine.
> Fishburne
> Eight Virtues
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> sales at
> (770) 853-6271
Eight Virtues! Somehow I came across your website a while back, and then 
went looking for it again and couldn't find it. I'll bookmark it for 
future reference

If you have any suggestions in light of the information supplied above, 
I would be grateful.

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA
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