Face to Face Meetings - New Location Poll

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 22 23:37:16 GMT 2008

Hello everyone,

We are considering adding new locations for face to face meetings.  We are
not talking about moving the meetings around to different locations month to
month, but actually holding the meeting in several locations at once.  Not
everyone can make it to the Sandy Springs location, so we want to make these
meetings available to as many people as possible.  Setting up these
locations is determined by numbers, so if you want to see a meeting in an
area closer to you, please vote!

You can vote at the poll here:  http://www.ubuntu-georgia.org/node/20

As you will see, the two options so far are Decatur and Athens.  If we get
enough votes, we will add the new location, and then see how it goes.  If
you have any other locations in mind, please vote "other" and then email the
mailing list telling us where you would like to see a new meeting.

There is no time limit to vote, but please try to have your vote in as soon
as possible!


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