Installing applications from outside the repositories

Eric Weir eeweir at
Tue Feb 12 17:40:34 GMT 2008

On 02/11/2008 Paul Boren wrote:

> I know that going outside the repositories for binary files is not the
> norm, but you also may want to try the site.
> Like or, it's a community site that has a
> pretty good web interface for hunting down programs that may not be so
> popular.  More importantly in this case, for example, you can quickly
> search for updated deb files that already meet your ubuntu machine
> specs.  

Thanks, Paul. I didn't know about this. I used it to upgrade from Zim 
0.17 to 0.20 [Feisty]. One way or another I'll be upgrading my system to 
Gutsy pretty soon. [I need to either upgrade my hardware or buy a new 
computer.] Then I can upgrade Zim to a supported version.

I like this source because there isn't a huge number of applications. I 
don't know whether that means they're more selective or not, but it's 
certainly easier to scope out what's available.

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA USA
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