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Eric Weir eeweir at
Wed Apr 30 21:00:59 BST 2008

On 4/30/2008 paulderol wrote:

>  1--the clarkston project sounds good, i've been looking for a way to > try
>  and incorporate the philosophically sound [and useful!] open source
>  systems into institutions whose mandate offers them ample reason and
>  opportunity to incorporate community driven software, freeing up funds
>  for more useful sign me up, although pending a location,
>  i'll need an assist on transport...

Thanks, Jon. As I said to Earle when I forwarded the exchanges about 
getting help with Ubuntu for them, I have a sense that they'll really 
appreciate the open source idea and community once they become familiar 
with it.

>  3--email folder permission issues--wouldn't chmod or chown provide the
>  needed permissions? try
>  sudo chmod a=rwx [folder] -R -v
>  this SHOULD set full access (ReadWriteeXecute] to all users (a), while
>  retaining ownership as root, of the selected [folder], and all
>  subfolders beneath whatever [folder] you specify (-R) and tell you
>  what
>  happens (-v).
>  sudo chown [username] [folder] -R -v
>  this SHOULD set ownership to [username] for the selected and all
>  underlying folders, and tell you when it works.

I'm gradually becoming comfortable with the command line. I see why 
those who know how to use it prefer it. and I've been wondering whether 
there weren't commands to do this kind of global permitting. That said, 
as you said, I think I'm still at the stage where I could do some real 
damage with chmod and chown. The syntax is not clear to me -- e.g., 
"selected folder," and "whatever folder you specify." Transparent to 
those to whom it's transparent, not to those who it's not.

I appreciate the suggestion, though. I have a feeling that pretty soon 
I'll have at least a better understanding of what chmod and chown are about.

Eric Weir
Decatur, GA  USA
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