Paul Cartwright ubuntu at
Fri Apr 4 18:33:10 BST 2008

On Fri April 4 2008, Paul Cartwright wrote:
> > I can't imagine what's wrong (I cannot replicate the trouble here; just
> > updated and everything is still working fine for me), so I can't help
> > beyond that FTM.
> yup, tried rebooting, rebooting into older kernel, restarting network, sudo
> dhclient always fails, always Permission Denied..
> Now I am removing knetworkmanager, maybe reinstalling it from the CD will
> help..

well, looks like I'm hosed.. Maybe dpkg got hung up, but the latest ( try) to 
reboot failed, init exited.... It had changed my grub menu, took away my 
older kernel, and I tried to boot into the fail-safe, but that failed also.. 
time to... RELOAD!

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