Face to Face: Athens location

James H jamesrh at gmail.com
Tue Apr 1 00:03:03 BST 2008

Actually, the other Mellow Mushroom location in Athens has just closed.
 I was at the downtown Mellow Mushroom tonight, and I wouldn't recommend
it.  It lacks any personality, and more importantly has no WiFi and is
quite busy on weekend nights - and while the parking garage will
probably not be filled up so early, you do have to pay to park.
Downtown Athens can be kind of crazy on weekends.  In the past we have
had Ubuntu meetings at the Transmetropolitan restaurant and bar downtown
(http://maps.google.com/maps?&q=transmetropolitan,30606), with good beer
(and ambiance) that is all-ages and has WiFi, but the parking and
crowding problems would be even worse than Mellow Mushroom.  Another
option is the new Barbaritos just south of Athens 5 points
(http://tinyurl.com/27898t).  They have cheaper food, adequate free
parking and WiFi access.  They also won't be as crowded, and although I
just called them and they say they do get quite busy on Saturdays, it
can't be as bad as downtown.  However, they don't have beer, so that's a
point against that location.

How many people are planing on attending?  Would any of you have a
preference, or like to suggest another location?


Paul Cartwright wrote:
> On Mon March 31 2008, Jon Reagan wrote:
>> As many of you know, the next face to face meeting will be held in Athens
>> on April the 12th.  For the location, Mellow Mushroom has been tentatively
>> chosen.  I need to know 1 thing from folks in and around Athens...
>> If you have been to the Mellow Mushroom (off E. Clayton St., near Georgia
>> campus,), is there a good amount of parking?  It's not like we are expected
>> dozens of people to show, but just in case we have a large crowd, we might
>> need some room.
> there is another mellow muwshroom in Athens, not that far away:
> 1661 S Lumpkin St
> Athens, GA 30606
> (706) 613-0555

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