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John Von Hollen jsvh84 at
Sun Sep 30 18:04:37 BST 2007

Hello All,

I wanted to send out a email to let you all know that there are some changes
in the works for our LoCo. The goal of these changes is to better define the
leadership and responsibility of individuals that are running the LoCo.

The main change is going to be the creation of a "Council". This will be the
formal group responsible for the major decisions in the LoCo. I think this
is the best way to lead to the LoCo even if one person had plenty of time to
be a single "leader". All decisions would be decided by majority vote.
Including adding and removing Council members. We will have a mailing list
where we can have Council votes and discussions, this list we be available
for anyone to read as transparency in the leadership of the LoCo is also a
goal. The first Council members are still being decided on, but it will be
the people that you have seen around and have been an active part of the

The Council is open to anyone as a member. I encourage you to take on an
active role in the LoCo and seek a seat on the Council.

Another part of the change is better defined roles. We are going to start
having a lot of titles being assigned soon. This make it easy to see who is
responsible for what, who is helping the most, and what is not getting done.

These changes will be most obvious in our new "People" page on the wiki: It would show a listing of the
active people in our LoCo and their responsibilities. It would also have a
section describing "unassigned responsibilities"  that need to be taken on.

I hope these changes will make it easier for those with the time and
motivation to pick up more roles with in the LoCo, make it clear what each
of our responsibilities are within the LoCo, allow us to keep the LoCo
leadership decentralized so the LoCo will function without having to rely on
one person to get anything done, and make it possible for those of us that
stay busy to be able to contribute the most with the time we have.

Let me know what you guys think. Suggestions, comments, criticism, jokes are

-John Von Hollen
Georgia LoCo Founder/ Council Member?

P.S. I will not be able to make it to the IRC meeting today. I am in South
Carolina now and I am leaving to head back to an event I need to attend in
Georgia at 4pm. But I encourage you all to discuss these changes at the
meeting. I will read the meeting log and be in contact via email.
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