Needing Help Installing Ubuntu

Bill N billisnice at
Tue Oct 30 17:58:45 GMT 2007

What I did...

I will tell you what i did a few months back. I had the windows xp
backup disk and drivers for my puter.  I figured if it did not work I
could reload window xp, etc. I saved all critical files and gave it a
shot...It worked. With the live cd i could not use the mouse. The
keyboard shortcuts i had to play with several hours before i got
ubuntu 7.04 loaded. Would have been nice if i knew where the shortcuts

I am no expert at all...

On Oct 30, 2007 1:39 PM, Chris M. Lindsey <clindsey at> wrote:
> With the 7.10 live cd, both the regular startup and the low graphics mode
> caused the screen to go blank and not return.  With the dell remastered 7.04
> live cd, the regular startup caused an x server issue.  The low graphics
> mode got all the way to the login screen, but required a username and
> password (the default username looked to be 'ubuntu', and I tried several
> passwords but I couldn't hit the right one).
> >On 10/30/07, Chris M. Lindsey <clindsey at> wrote:
> > I am brand new to the list, and I'm looking for some help installing
> Ubuntu.
> >  I own a Dell Vostro 1400 notebook and I'm would like to try out ubuntu.
> I
> > have attempted using the livecd of both the 7.04 dell remastered version
> and
> > 7.10, and I've had issues with both.  I'm pretty adept with computers, but
> I
> > seem to be having some problem with the video card (nvidia).  Is there
> > someone I can contact to get some help?
> >How far do you get with the Live CD before having issues?
> >
> >nick
> >
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> Chris M. Lindsey
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