Needing Help Installing Ubuntu

Chris M. Lindsey clindsey at
Tue Oct 30 17:39:08 GMT 2007

With the 7.10 live cd, both the regular startup and the low graphics mode
caused the screen to go blank and not return.  With the dell
remastered 7.04live cd, the regular startup caused an x server issue.
The low graphics
mode got all the way to the login screen, but required a username and
password (the default username looked to be 'ubuntu', and I tried several
passwords but I couldn't hit the right one).

>On 10/30/07, Chris M. Lindsey <clindsey at> wrote:
> I am brand new to the list, and I'm looking for some help installing
>  I own a Dell Vostro 1400 notebook and I'm would like to try out
ubuntu.  I
> have attempted using the livecd of both the 7.04 dell remastered version
> 7.10, and I've had issues with both.  I'm pretty adept with computers, but
> seem to be having some problem with the video card (nvidia).  Is there
> someone I can contact to get some help?

>How far do you get with the Live CD before having issues?

Chris M. Lindsey
clindsey at
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