Brian Pitts brian at polibyte.com
Tue Oct 30 00:36:17 GMT 2007

Eric Weir wrote:
> On 10/29/2007 Nick Ali wrote:
>> Just curious, whats the name of the DOS app?
> MaxThink. There's a GUI version for Windows, but it's just not the same 
> program. The DOS version is simple but powerful. The focus is entirely 
> on composition, and on structuring and restructuring ideas and 
> information. The little essay at this link below gives the best sense of 
> what it is and what it does of anything I've come across over the years. 
> http://www.eatonhand.com/maxthink.htm
> ...
> I've looked long and hard for replacements over the years, ever since I 
> switched from DOS to Windows. There aren't any. [I was a DOS holdout, 
> largely because of MaxThink.]

Is it similar to http://www.gnome.org/projects/tomboy/features.html ?


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