Bill G wildgeorgiabill at peoplepc.com
Mon Oct 29 15:42:56 GMT 2007

Eric,  I have been trying out the live Kubuntu CD.  The settings for 
the  panel (if we're thinking about the
same thing) are somewhere in the menus.  It took me a while just to find 
the screen resolution setting one.
Was trying to install it but it won't recognize my partitions so I can't 
put it where I want it...yet.

I, too, like the color scheme and KDE.  Ubuntu colors can be changed, 
however.  Hopefully, the bugs
will be worked out before long.


Eric Weir wrote:
> Are there any Kubuntu users on this list?
> I'm in the process of transitioning from Windows to Ubuntu, and decided 
> to give Kubuntu a try after learning that under Ubuntu there's no way to 
> get windows to remember their size and position. Kinda silly, but I also 
> like the color scheme better.
> Somehow, over the week end, trying to get the different windows used by 
> various applications set to an appropriate size, I did something that 
> changed the length of the panel. It now extends a little over half-way 
> across the bottom of the screen, and I can't find a way to reset it. 
> Haven't been able to get any help from the Kubuntu forums, either.
> Can anyone here help?
> Thanks,
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> Eric Weir
> Decatur, GA USA
> eeweir at bellsouth.net

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