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Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Tue Oct 23 21:04:03 BST 2007

Hello everyone.

This email includes just about everything going on within the next several

The first item on the list is the upcoming release party and the
InstallFest.  These events can be checked out at:

We need people to spread the word.  So, if you have a blog, myspace,
facebook, etc., please post some info on the events.  We also have flyers,
so if there are any places that you want to distribute flyers, please do let
me know.

The second item on the list involves Ubuntu t-shirts (or polo shirts) for
the InstallFest/future events.  I may be able to have them made, but will
have to see about the minimum order size.  For this reason, I am asking all
of those in our LoCo who plan on attending the InstallFest to let me know,
to see if we have enough for an order.  I will have info on pricing and
sizes later.

We are also a few short on the presentations list for the InstallFest.  If
you are coming and would like to do a presentation, add yourself to the list
on the wiki ( and get started on
building your presentation.  For an example, you can check out mine on our
team's "Marketing" page.


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