questions about selling Ubuntu desktop PCs

Nick Ali nali at
Mon Oct 22 16:40:25 BST 2007

On 10/22/07, Kevin Fishburne <kevinfishburne at> wrote:
>  What I'm wondering is, what am I doing wrong? Is the public so averse to
> Linux that I'd be better off selling these with no OS at all? Was the price
> of the $299 model too high considering its hardware specs? Maybe there's no
> market for budget desktop PCs and I'll do better with the $399 model? I'm
> basically looking for any advice or insight any of you may have into selling
> PCs with Linux to the public, or the way I'm marketing the product, or
> anything else you can think of. The web site address is
> and it has all the info on hardware specs,
> etc. :/

Let me start of by saying I am in no way qualified to speak on this
subject, this is just my opinion.

Frankly, the has too many words. Seriously.
Check out the vendors who sell pre-installed Linux, like
and Its a whole lot of graphics and some bullet
points for the specs. You are throwing too information at potential
customers, especially with the names of the applications (which they
have never heard of and makes them uncomfortable). Maybe create a FAQ
that does the job of your advocacy page and lists the applications.
And don't call it the advocacy page.

Also, I don't know how many customers s76 and emperorlinux get who
don't know what Linux is already. I know system76 sponsored some
Ubuntu stuff and they gave away stickers to anyone who sent them a
self-addressed and stamped envelope. Maybe doing something similar
would be better marketing.

Again, just a bunch of opinions.



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