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Bill N billisnice at gmail.com
Sat Oct 20 23:29:10 BST 2007

Every now and then when i open, close and try to reopen firefox I get
a msg about an instants of firefox is open but no responding either
close firefox or restart the puter.

I do not see firefox on the screen to close and have to reboot. Does
ubuntu 7.10 have a task type manager so i can see software running and
close it?


On 10/18/07, Brian Pitts <brian at polibyte.com> wrote:
> Bill N wrote:
> > Can someone tell me how to set it up so i can print from other puter
> > using the printer on the ubuntu box? I am using a linksys brfsr41 to
> > connect all computers to the net.
> >
> In system-config-printer
> 1) Select the printer you wish to share, click the policies tab, and
> check "shared"
> 2) Select the server settings and check "share published printers
> connected to this system"
> Now CUPS is sharing the printer. It will show up automatically on any
> other linux systems where CUPS is set to "show printers shared by other
> systems" Unfortunately, system-config-printer does not integrate with
> samba, so your printer will not magically appear in Windows. Also
> unfortunately, system-config-printer does not show you the ipp:// URL
> for manually adding the printer to Windows.
> -Brian
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