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Paul Cartwright ubuntu at
Mon Oct 1 12:11:01 BST 2007

On Sunday 30 September 2007 23:24, Nick Ali wrote:
> I think this is valid point. We should promote all the virtues of
> Ubuntu (while showing how it can run Windows apps and games, and how
> to dual-boot), but we don't need to be belligerent towards Microsoft.
> nick
> On 9/30/07, Ryan Solenberg <rsolenberg at> wrote:
> > One thing, someone mentioned the "growing resentment twards Microsoft"
> >
> > My personal opinion is that we should stay away from anything that could
> > be percieved as negitive.  Not that it was implied, I just feel its a
> > direction that could easily be taken.  I don't think that's what Ubuntu
> > wants to represent.

Here is a real-life example.... My Uncle lives in East Hartford,CT, so I can't 
be there to help him. He is 74 years old. His computer is old, it has 128 
megs of ram and runs XP. He looked at the cost of RAM vs. a new PC and opted 
for the RAM, but only 256 megs to add to what he has, for 384 total. I sent 
him the Ubuntu DVD from my magazine, a nice official case and DVD.. except 
his PC only has a CD drive.. So I sent him a Kubuntu CD last week. His 
comments were that he would LOVE to try a free OS that came with a free 
Office package!!!  He emailed me yesterday that he had run the LiveCD and was 
emailing me from Thunderbird, just like he had done from windows!!
He is on dialup, so I don't think remote support will be possible, and I'm 
sure he will have questions, and I'd like him to have local support. Who can 
I send him to for help?? I'd love to get him a Ubuntu sticker too!!!

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