Changes to the LoCo organization. Georgia LoCo Council

Brian Pitts brian at
Mon Oct 1 04:33:13 BST 2007

Nick Ali wrote:
> I think this is valid point. We should promote all the virtues of
> Ubuntu (while showing how it can run Windows apps and games, and how
> to dual-boot), but we don't need to be belligerent towards Microsoft.
> nick

I've always liked these guidelines from Software Freedom Day:

# DO present the capabilities and practical benefits of FOSS.
# DO NOT pretend that FOSS is perfect for everyone or everything.
# DO have the ability to present FOSS ideology clearly and concisely to 
interested people.
# DO NOT beat uninterested people over the head with ideology; this will 
confuse and intimidate them. Instead...
# DO let the quality of the software speak for itself and its ideology.
# DO have demo machines present if possible.
# DO your best to connect people with a local FOSS community.
# DO provide contact information for your SFD team so people can 
subsequently contact you for more information.
# DO get contact information from interested and willing people, so you 
can proactively follow-up with them later.
# DO proactively follow-up with people who attend your SFD event.
# DO find and cooperate with other SFD teams in your area.
# DO start other SFD teams in your area - this is cooperation, not 
# DO NOT -- seriously -- DO NOT bash Microsoft or SCO or any other false 
Great Satan. Software Freedom Day is not about any individual companies 
or people; Software Freedom Day is a positive community celebration of 
Software Freedom.


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