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Tue Nov 6 21:27:15 GMT 2007

John, welcome to the community. We will all be excited to see the different
systems people bring to install on. Certainly feel free to bring your laptop
and accessories. I would urge you before doing a dual boot scenario, to just
make sure you have backed up all your My Documents, Documents and Settings,
and configuration files for your applications on your windows system.

I'll definitely look forward to seeing you at the Install Fest !

aka.   Master Chief

On 11/6/07, John Kingsley <johnekingsley at> wrote:
> Hello all,
> I am new to the Ga LoCo community because I recently moved up to Atlanta,
> I am excited to attend the event on Saturday and thought I ought to give
> some sort of RSVP and introduce myself so that I am not just showing up
> unannounced. I just graduated from college in may and now live and work in
> the norcross area. Now that the unexciting details are out of the way let me
> say that I am relatively new to Linux and Ubuntu in particular. I have been
> using linux off and on for 2 years now I only just recently took the plunge
> into Ubuntu and found that not only is the software easy to use and
> semi-intuitive, the user community is absolutely amazing. I have always
> considered myself relativly adept at windows and computers but when it came
> to Linux I was lost in a fog and that's how I stayed for quite sometime till
> I discovered Ubuntu and its user community. Now I feel that Linux is a
> viable desktop environment for everyday use and I plan on transitioning from
> windows to it.
> So.. that was long and I'm sorry. Now a few questions:
> A. I plan on bringing my laptop to install GG; Is there anything else I
> ought to bring? I have no real peripherals I use other than a mouse and an
> external HD.
> B. Will there be some tutorial or some way I can get help with
> virtualization within Ubuntu? I still need windows for some things and will
> be dual booting but would love to switch to a more unified system.
> C. What can I do to help? I am planning on being active in this community
> and would like to give back in some small way because everyone in the
> greater Ubuntu community has been so helpful to me.
> I think that is all for now. I hope I haven't thoroughly bored you all.
> Thank you in advance for all the help and sage advise I will be receiving
> come Saturday and in the future.
> John E. Kingsley
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