Ubuntu box locations

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at gmail.com
Thu May 31 03:26:26 BST 2007

Hey y'all, Jon here...

I have added the topic of box locations for this Sunday's meeting.  There are 
two things that I would like for those of you interested in placing boxes out 
to do:  

Something that would help us all get started is to find out how many CDs we 
all have, so we can make sure that we do not get ahead of ourselves -- it 
would be bad to run out of CDs.  Have your number (of CDs) ready for the next 

Second, those who are interested of placing boxes out, make a list of places 
that you believe will be open to having a box in their place of business, so 
we can take a look at them and decide how to approach them in the most 
professional way (phone call, team email, ect.).  It would be best to include 
their location (the city name should be enough, so we can look 'em up on 
Google) so we can find out what their preferred method of contact is.

So if y'all are interested and have some freetime to devote to this, that 
would be great, and would really help boost the Ubuntu campaign in Georgia.  
You can put this info into the forums, under the box locations topic, so we 
can have a list ready by the time of the meeting.



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