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Fri May 18 20:04:34 BST 2007

<br>educational technology show in the world, with over 15,000 educators<br>attending.<br><br>They have an Open Source Pavilion and would like to have involvement<br>with Edubuntu and related projects like Linux Terminal Server Project
<br>(LTSP).<br><br>Would any of you be interested in participating and helping out? Right<br>now I&#39;m thinking of a booth or if a brave soul would like to do a<br>presentation, that would be great!<br><br>There are some links to the event:
<br><br><a href=""></a> (main site)<br><a href="">
</a> (overview)<br><a href=";SORT_BY=CATEGORY">;SORT_BY=CATEGORY
</a><br>(hands-on open soruce lab)<br><a href=""></a> (open source paviilion)<br><br>nick<br><br>--<br>Ubuntu-us-ga mailing list<br><a href="mailto:Ubuntu-us-ga at">
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