IRC Meeting - May 13, 2007

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Sat May 12 21:14:17 BST 2007

Hey everyone,

This is a reminder e-mail for our meeting tomorrow at 3:00p.m. The schedule 
for tomorrow is as follows:

 Agenda for next meeting (2007May13) 
 -  Getting Approved - When do we go for it? (JohnVonHollen) 
 -  Feisty CDs - More coming. (BoredandBlogging) 
 -  Buying stickers and posters - While we can get some free stuff, there are 
some good looking options that we can purchase. Check out the options: [WWW] (BoredandBlogging) 
 -  Ubuntu Boxes -  I have 5 made, and Bakey is working on a few as well. Lets 
figure out how many we'll need and where.  (JonReagan) 

Also, tomorrow happens to be Mother's day (don't forget your mothers!) so, the 
topics for the meeting can be tabled for next week, if you all are doing 
something during the time of the meeting.


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