IRC Meeting: May 6, 2007

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Sun May 6 00:39:19 BST 2007

Hey everyone!

This is a reminder that we have an IRC meeting on #ubuntu-georgia
tomorrow (Sunday) at 3:00 PM.  The IRC channel is up from 1-5 PM.  The
current topics for tomorrow's meeting are:

Agenda for next meeting (2007May06) 
              * Logos - Update from Justin (BoredandBlogging) 
              * The Ubuntu Box - Update where we are with the two
                designs. Canonical mails these out, maybe we can just
                get something like it:
              * Georgia Domination 101 - The plan, and then
              * Dell and Ubuntu Marketing - Brainstorm on how to include
                Dell in our marketing. (JonReagan) 
              * Getting Approved - When do we go for it?
              * Feisty CDs - More coming. (BoredandBlogging) 
              * Buying stickers and posters - While we can get some free
                stuff, there are some good looking options that we can
                purchase. Check out the options: [WWW]

See you all there!


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