New User Team for the Georgia LoCo

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Tue Mar 20 20:53:52 GMT 2007

I'm proposing a New User Team for the the Georgia LoCo.

The team will be in charge of gathering information about helpful resources
onto one page (or set of pages). There are plenty of good resources out
there, from the the help and doc.ubuntu sites, the forums, gwos, the wiki,
and IRC. The problem is that most folks are not that comfortable with IRC or
searching through the wiki.

Lets break up the page between common problems like video, sound,
installation, etc. We point users exactly where they need to go. If a
solution works, we can keep track of that as well.

We need to expand on these ideas and flush them out. Here is a similar
project from the Ohio LoCo:

This is also a big project. Any folks want to get involved?

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