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Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at
Tue Mar 20 15:38:41 GMT 2007

Don't worry about it.  Some extra support can't hurt! (Just if there's
like 5-10 emails for support, that could be confusing)  Anyways, I like
the idea of a wiki page.  If there was some way to show in a table the
progress of each, for example:

Case No.   Date        Progress
0001      3/20/07     Completed
0002      3/22/07     In Progress   
0003      3/23/07     Not Started

Sort of like our project page.


On Tue, 2007-03-20 at 11:18 -0400, Jared Smith wrote:
> I like the idea of wiki. I'm assuming that anyone feeling particularly
> well suited to address an issue would simply call dibs on it? I sent
> some help to Roy too, before I got you're email Jon.
> On 3/20/07, n a <boredandblogging at> wrote:
>         There are a lot of options really. Maybe the easiest thing for
>         now would be put it on the wiki page? I'm not sure of any
>         sites that we could use, and it might get troublesome as the
>         LoCo grows. 
>         But this is definitely worth investigating. If anyone has any
>         ideas...
>         nick
>         On 3/20/07, Jon Reagan <jreagan1990 at> wrote:
>                 Hi folks, I have already sent some help back to Roy
>                 Bateman.  I am
>                 waiting on his reply.  Just a question, does anyone
>                 know about a system
>                 that would help keep track of who is helping who?  If
>                 we assign people
>                 to different support requests, we might avoid having
>                 multiple people 
>                 giving duplicate solutions to people's problems.  We
>                 may not run into
>                 this problem now, but later on as our team gets
>                 larger, people may get
>                 overwhelmed with 5 different solutions in their
>                 inbox.  Just a thought. 
>                 Thanks,
>                 Jon Reagan
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