IRC Meeting this Sunday 1-5pm

John Von Hollen jsvh84 at
Wed Jan 24 23:43:02 GMT 2007

Hello everyone,

My name is John Von Hollen. I have been working to get the Georgia LoCo set
up over the past month or so. This Sunday we have our first meeting over
IRC. This is will be a great time to get any help you need with Ubuntu or
just to chat. This will be done in conjunction with Free IT Athens' open
hours between 1 and 5pm EST. So there will already be a group of us on IRC
available to help out.

To get onto our IRC channel open your IRC client (if you need one you can
get XChat out of Add/Remove Applications). Connect to the FreeNode Network
(In XChat pull down the "IRC" menu, click "connect" and select "FreeNode").
Then join the ubuntu-us-ga channel (in XChat type "/join #ubuntu-us-ga" in
the input box) and you are in.

Write back if you have problems or questions.

Hope to hear from y'all Sunday,
John Von Hollen
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