A suggestion for State of the LoCo meeting

Carol E. Meacham hb88 at bellsouth.net
Sun Dec 30 14:02:49 GMT 2007

Since I'm not going to be able to attend, I'll put my 2 cents worth

With regards to spreading the word on Ubuntu, I'd do installfests / get
togethers / etc., on college campuses.  I'd start with the computer and
science departments where the geeks are thickest on the ground, then to
the general population.  If you get the geeks on board first you could
probably get them to post fliers, etc., for the events, thus increasing
your coverage.  Maybe have an afternoon event a couple weeks before an
installfest to tell people what Ubuntu is and answer questions to get
people interested.  And get as many of the computer and science faculty
as possible interested, since they can tell their classes.  

Also make up and send some fliers, FAQs, and possibly even CDs of
Edubuntu to send to elementary and middle schools.  I should think they
want computers in their classes but don't fancy the exorbitant Windows
licensing fees.  

Also try fliers at comic shops and game shops, as this too is a place
where geeks accumulate. 


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