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Wed Dec 19 20:26:21 GMT 2007

Carol, welcome to the team. Please feel free to share any ideas you have
with the Loco regarding the installfests and get-togethers. Currently we are
working on some ideas / plans to do presentations at our face to face

As far as the wireless goes, I'm not exactly sure why it wont link up after
hibernate. What kind of laptop are you running?

Again, welcome to the LoCo !!!


On Dec 18, 2007 9:12 PM, Carol E. Meacham <hb88 at> wrote:

> Hello, I'm up at the GA/TN border outside of Chattanooga.
> I'd be interested in installfests, get-togethers, what have you, in my
> area.  I'm also interested in volunteering for any FreeGeek-type
> organizations should any start up between Atlanta and Chattanooga.
> I run two laptops -- my 'net system runs Ubuntu, my other system runs
> XP.  I started with Fiesty, now on Gutsy.  Just installed a Meraki
> wireless repeater today as my Christmas present to myself and it runs
> great with both systems, though my Ubuntu system seems to want to be
> restarted after coming out of "hibernate" or else it doesn't want to
> link up to the wifi signal.  Very annoying.  Any ideas on that greatly
> appreciated.  That system is running with a PCMCIA wifi card with an
> Atheros chipset, the drivers for which are included in Ubuntu.
> Anyway, that's me with regards to Ubuntu.
> Aunty Proton
> Rossville, GA
> hb88 at
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