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Maada Moseray maadamos61 at
Mon Dec 17 05:50:59 GMT 2007

Hi guys,

Good IRC yesterday.  My first.  Thanks to Mike Trausch for some hand
holding.  Please consider me a newbie, however.
      I have since installed the Ncomputing gadget that I mentioned about 2
weeks ago.  The folks at Ncomputing gave me some help.  My next hurdle is to
install a cybercafe style montoring system.  The above URL is the download
page of the software I have landed on, in my search.  BTW it is free.  In
the event that someone else knows of Linux based, internet/cybercafe
software, please let me know.  For fee or free.  Thanks.
    If you go to the above page you will see that they have an installation
manual.  Going down the list I have downloaded the d/base schema but do not
know how to install using pgadminiii.  I see that we have pgadminiii in the
repository and I have installed.  After that there are two other steps that
I do  not have a clue as to how to do.  Does Ubuntu 7.04 have postgresql?
How do I get a server to install the schema on?  Very confused at this
time.  Any help will be appreciated.
    When is the January F2F meeting?  Please remember to direct members to
Mellow Mushroom's new address.
Thanks for your time
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