new guy in town

Tim Jagenberg tim at
Mon Apr 23 21:44:58 BST 2007

Hi everyone!

I just joined the mailinglist and thought it might be an good idea to 
introduce myself.
I'm studying aeronautical engineering at the University of Stuttgart in 
Germany, and I'm currently working on my masters thesis at an local 
engineering software company in Atlanta.
Over here I found a nice shared accommodation in the north west of Decatur.

I got interested in Linux around '98 or so, giving Debian a few tries. I 
really liked Ubuntu right from the start with the release of Warty 
Warthog, as it basically eliminated the two things that bothered me with 
Debian. Everything is already set up after install and it uses more up 
to date software.
I finally switched all the way to Linux (been dualbooting before) with 
Hoary Hedgehog.

I see this group as an opportunity to help the OS I love as well as  a 
way of meeting people from this area. So if someone's in the mood for a 
beer and a chat, just drop me a line.

Cheers, Tim.

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