Ubuntu Fliers

Jon Reagan jreagan1990 at gmail.com
Mon Apr 2 21:21:43 BST 2007

Hi folks,

I had a few questions for you guys about the Ubuntu fliers:

1.  What info would you like to see on the flier?
2.  How many pages should we include in the flier?
3.  Is there anyone who knows how to make everything look "spiffy" in

If y'all can answer these questions it will help me get what is viewed
as most important into the flier.

I am building the flier, and everyone is free to help.  I have provided
the first alpha file on our wiki page under ~/Marketing.  The files are
in the drop-down menu selection "Attachments".  So, if you want to help
or have any comments about the flier, let me know.


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