[ubuntu-florida] ssd

Dan Trevino dantrevino at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 14:57:19 UTC 2011

So, after getting out of my own way, the SSD is working great.  My
laptop is woefully underpowered (Intel U2700 @ 1.3GHz), but I'm
getting good performance:
1. boot time of 17 seconds, from button down to GDM
2. OpenOffice Word Processor starts in slightly less that 4 seconds.
3. disk utility benchmark: Minimum Read Rate - 253.7 MB/s, Maximum
Read Rate - 285.9 MB/s, Avg Read Rate 284.9 MB/s.  This is roughly 3
times better than the WD Scorpio drive I previously had (89 MB/s).

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