[ubuntu-florida] Dueling banjos??

Dan Trevino dantrevino at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 05:30:58 BST 2010

I like the universal idea, especially if we're not getting organized on the

I can be convinced otherwise, though.
> On Sat, 2010-09-25 at 20:08 -0400, Dan Trevino wrote:
>> So what's the deal with the competing events on 10/24?
> Well, originally I put a LoCo Directory Theme Park Event there for
> October 23rd, but after speaking with Milo, his arrival date was
> actually on the 23rd, and he wouldn't be able to make a full day at any
> of the Parks until the 24th.
> Instead of removing the event I had created, I modified the date,
> thinking that the UDS-N Islands of Adventure Day could potentially
> preclude the Host's Party event still. This was with the understanding
> that the Host party was not planned to be an all-day event, and that the
> time posted on the LD would be adjusted once we heard confirmation on
> whether or not we were able to secure a room at the Hotel. I thought the
> event itself had evolved to be more of an evening event that was going
> to be held from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. (which is what I had sent in my formal
> request). Unfortunately, When I went to follow up on my initial request,
> I noticed that I had only saved it as a draft :-(. I did re-send it but
> have not been given any updates yet.
> So, After considering how close we're getting, without any real
> confirmation of a Room for our event, I thought that we might be able to
> go as a group to the theme park for a couple of reasons.
> 1. We could qualify for a group discount.
> 2. We could have the park do a group photo for us (with everyone in it)
> that people could purchase to commemorate the Event.
> 3. Family and Friends would be welcome to attend.
> 4. The combination deal at Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure is the
> most affordable for a two-park option.
> 5. Potential Advocacy at the park, I know I'd be wearing some swag!
> (:-P).
> For the time being I have removed the event, and have left the Host's
> Party event. I would like to try and get some feedback from everyone. I
> know that financially the theme park event, probably isn't the best
> option for all, but I feel it would be an awesome event, that everyone
> would be sure to remember, and well worth reaching for.
> Sorry for the confusion, but please do let me know your thoughts!
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