[ubuntu-florida] Servers, clients, logs and shell arithmetics

j.e.aneiros jesus.aneiros at gmail.com
Thu Sep 16 14:59:16 BST 2010

Hello everyone,

Let's say that we have a client that connects to a server through the
network. The application's protocol specifies that the the client should
maintain a session and send a message (heartbeat) every 30 seconds to keep
the session alive. We have a log file with lines like the one below:

[2010-09-16 08:41:01.966] CLD -> HeartBeat-Sent

If we want to see if everything is OK we could take the last line of the
file and examine the timestamp against the local time of the machine. I
decide to take only the minutes and seconds and create a number like 1401
and compare that number against the local time in the same format. The line
of the shell script that do that part is below:

if [ $(( ${TIME_HERE} - ${TIME_THERE} )) -gt ${INTERVAL} ]

There is a potential runtime error in that block of code. Any idea what
could be wrong? Assume both machines are time synchronized to the
milliseconds resolution.

Have a good day.

J. E. Aneiros
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