[ubuntu-florida] New Team Poll

dan dantrevino at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 14:20:25 BST 2009

*A new team poll is up at the website ( http://ubuntu-fl.org/):


*I would be most likely to attend Ubuntu events near*

   - *Jacksonville*
   - *Tampa*
   - *Orlando*
   - *Miami*

I know this doesn't cover all of our Florida team members.  One look at the
member map [1] will testify to that.  We're just looking to get a feel for
which of the 'big' city areas are most accessible.  Maybe this is a good
time to update your location[2]????  There is also an option to hide your
location, if you so choose.

1. https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-us-florida/+map<https://launchpad.net/%7Eubuntu-us-florida/+map>
2. https://launchpad.net/~<your launchpad name goes here>/+editlocation

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