[ubuntu-florida] Identi.ca updated Jan23 and now includes Groups

Chris Crisafulli chris_c at linuxsouls.com
Sun Jan 25 07:02:39 GMT 2009

identi.ca is a really good tool to help keep in touch with one another,
and to let others know what kind of interesting things you might be up
to. Recently they have upgraded and now include support for groups. We
have created an ubuntufl (Ubuntu Florida Team Group). That you are
welcome to use. 

If you have never used identi.ca or similar sites.... here is a short
description directly from identi.ca's site.

"Identi.ca is a microblogging service. Users post short (140 character)
notices which are broadcast to their friends and fans using the Web,
RSS, or instant messages.

If you'd like to try it out, first register a new account. Then, on the
public timeline, enter your message into the textbox at the top of the
page, and click "Send". It will go out on the public timeline and to
anyone who is subscribed to your notices (probably nobody, at first).

To subscribe to other people's notifications, go to their profile page
and click the "subscribe" button. They'll get a notice that you're now
subscribed to their notifications, and, who knows?, they might subscribe

If you decide to join (you are not required to join) you can send a
message out to those subscribed to the ubuntufl group by simply putting
an exlamation point in front of the ubuntufl. This will let the
identi.ca system know to present your message to other ubuntufl
subscribed members. Please use this new functionality responsibly and
don't spam it.

If for some reason the links above don't work for you simply visit

Thanks for your time, 

Chris Crisafulli

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